Studio Logos & Main Title Sequence

Curtain Call Sequence

Amid the frenzy of Christmas shoppers hurdling through aisles, Filmograph designed custom title cards that evoke the merry feeling of the holidays, but with an insidious, hidden agenda. Demonic horns, serpents, thorns, Germanic runes and other symbols are clustered in tucked away regions of each title card, alluding to the arrival of Krampus.

At the film's conclusion, we take viewers back into the world of the advent calendar, one of the film's most memorable symbols. Navigating its decorative craftsmanship and ornamental Krampus paintings, the wooden calendar's doors come flying open, revealing each main character and their name in a handmade, custom, golden foil typographic treatment.


Universal Pictures / Legendary Pictures


Michael Dougherty

Creative Director

Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg

3D Modeling

Chris Schmidt


Andrew Hildebrand / Amador Valenzuela

Special Thanks

Jake Rice / Pamela Harvey-White