Main on End Title Sequence

A call from producer Lawrence Grey and his newly-formed Grey Matter Productions led to this exciting collaboration for their first film about a family haunted by an evil entity that survives in darkness. Working alongside director David F. Sandberg, Filmograph crafted a dreary main on end title sequence featuring the film’s terrifying settings - eerie hospital hallways, scratched wooden floors and black-lit rooms, all accompanied by a custom, hand drawn typeface indicative of the film.


Warner Bros. / Atomic Monster / Grey Matter Productions

Directed By

David F. Sandberg

Creative Directors

Aaron Becker / Raffi Simonian & Nau

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg

Additional Design & Photography

Daniel Klohn / John Metcalf

Special Thanks

Lawrence Grey / Ben Everard / Michael Clear / Kirk Morri / Cory Gath