Rambo - Last Blood

Main on End Title Sequence

Working with Lionsgate, Balboa Productions, director Adrian Gruber and Sylvester Stallone, we designed and edited a main on end title sequence that revisits the decades-long legacy of this franchise's titular character. Over time, and film by film, we are taken on Rambo's painful journeys through loss and the fight for good. A reluctant hero who views violence as an unfortunate last resort, the sequence is meant to memorialize this iconic character in the form of a heartfelt goodbye.


Lionsgate / Millenium Films / Balboa Productions


Adrian Gruber

Creative Directors

Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg


Troy Miller


Pascal Leister

Additional Design & Animation

Joseph Ahn

Special Thanks

Todd Miller / Lis Kern / Braden Aftergood / Heather Grehan