Main Title Sequence

Working with director David Ayer, MGM, Cedar Park Entertainment, and Miramax, Filmograph designed a fast-paced opening title sequence that feels as propulsive as the film that follows. Macro shots are interspersed with archival documents and ancient artwork of bees over the centuries, framing the human appreciation, fascination, and ultimately, our dependency on the species. Naturalistic themes underlie a more urgent mystery: an ex-operative turned vengeful vigilante is on a mission to reveal a dark truth, perhaps at the behest of a clandestine organization know as the Beekeepers.


Amazon MGM Studios / Miramax / Cedar Park Entertainment / Punch Palace


David Ayer

Creative Directors

Raffi Simonian / Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg


Troy Miller


Pascal Leister

Design & Animation

Mike Lo / Hsien Lun Su / Joseph Ahn

3D Modeler

Eric Keller

Additional Design

Li Yu Chen

Special Thanks

Michael Tinger / Anthony Scott / Chris Long