Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Main on End Title Sequence

For director James Wan, Filmograph returned a second time to craft this colorful, below-freezing plunge into the world of Aquaman. Mirroring the frigid conditions of the film's Lost Kingdom, we journey into the ocean's depths, discovering ancient figures trapped in ice, as well as iconic battle scenes in the form of frozen sculptures. Bioluminescent refractions and underwater fire act as the naturalistic backdrop to this otherworldly deep dive to the bottom of the sea.


Warner Bros. / DC Comics / The Safran Company


James Wan

Creative Director

Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg


Troy Miller

CG Lead

Lee Nelson

Design & Animation

Mike Lo / Hsien Lun Su

3D Model

Eric Keller

Additional Design

Li Yu Chen

Additional Thanks

Travis Cantey / Brian Monk