Middle School - The Worst Years of My Life

Main Title Sequence

Main on End Title Sequence

CBS Films and director Steve Carr commissioned Filmograph to create a traditional, hand drawn main title sequence at the head of their film. Working with a fantastic, talented team of artists, we crafted a world that transports the viewer into the mind of the film's main character, a rebellious boy who struggles with adolescence, authority and loss against a comedic backdrop of hilarious supporting characters.


CBS Films / J.P. Entertainment / Lionsgate Films


Steve Carr

Creative Director

Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg

Lead Design & Animation

Jeremy Rumas

Additional Design & Animation

C.J. Cook / Catherine Satrun / Sarah Satrun / Zachary Carnes

Special Thanks

Jack Schuster / Sidney Jones / Wendy Greene Brichmont / Duncan Studio