Main Title Sequence

Main on End Title Sequence

Bad Robot and director Julius Avery hired Filmograph to create the opening and closing title sequences to this World War II sci-fi thriller that takes place in a French village. Although the high stakes circumstances are anything but normal (the Americans are trying to prevent lab-testing Nazis from developing a serum that would create a 1000-year zombie super soldier), we proposed bookending the film with period-driven sequences that look and feel as if they are part of 1930-1940s newsreels, often seen at the head of feature films in theaters of the day. The result was a combination of bold, stark custom typography and a live-action shoot of the film's iconic set pieces, giving the production a stylized approach consistent with the era in which the film takes place.


Paramount Pictures / Bad Robot


Julius Avery

Creative Director

Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg


Troy Miller


Nathaniel Park

Production Designer

Brendan Sharkey

Director of Photography

John De Menil


Myong Choi

Production Assistant

Drew Bastien

Additional Design & Animation

Zach Carnes / Jon Lorenz

Special Thanks

Abby Callahan / Lindsey Alvarez / Matt Evans