Main on End Title Sequence

Working with director Dean Israelite and Lionsgate, we designed a geological, gem-encrusted world inspired by the film's setting. We created a lush environment of earthly, yet alien-like minerals, macro shots of gritty rock formations, and names frozen inside luminous glowing coins, which harness the energy used by the Power Rangers throughout the film.


Lionsgate / Saban Entertainment / Temple Hill Entertainment


Dean Israelite

Creative Directors

Aaron Becker / Simon Clowes

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg

CG Supervisor / Lead Compositor

Lee Nelson


Gabriel Diaz


Takayuki Sato


Eric Keller / Bryan Repka

Lighting & Texturing

Vlad Pineda / Patrick Vidal / Josh Kohlmeier

Additional Design & Animation

Chad Ashley / Zachary Carnes / Alphonse Swinehart

Special Thanks

Bryan Carroll / Bob Allen / Rob Yamamoto / Kaya Thomas / Kevin Heo / Jenny Lee / Gareth Smith