All About the Washingtons

Main Title Sequence

Amblin and ABC commissioned us to conceptualize a live action opening sequence for their new hit sitcom airing on Netflix. We were tasked with showing what Rev Run's family life is like after a legendary career in rap. Using the show's suburban lifestyle as our environment for the shoot, we reconstructed four interiors from the family's house and had them rotate on a twenty-foot turntable. The circular stage serves the dual purpose of the foundation of each interior and the cover of a vinyl record adorned with the show's title card in the form of a music label.


Amblin / ABC / Netflix

Show Runner

Andrew Reich

Creative Directors / Live Action Director

Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg


Troy Miller

Director of Photography

Timothy S. Jensen

Line Producer

Brian Askew

Storyboard Artist

Dakota Warren


Nate Park

Senior Compositor

Myong Choi

Additional Design

Corey Holms

Production Design

Brendan Sharkey

Production Coordinators

Li-Chin Tsau / Alex Saavedra

Special Thanks

Mark Grossan / Mark Nasser / Justin Falvey / Darryl Frank / Noah Findling