The Haunting of Hill House

Main Title Design

For our third collaboration with director Mike Flanagan, Filmograph was given the opportunity to create an opening sequence to this episodic journey based on timeless novel by Shirley Jackson. In the series, the house, once inhabited by the Crains, harbors an enigmatic force that follows each character throughout the show. Our concept uses the house’s crumbling, antique sculptures and labyrinthine hallways as a metaphor for the family’s imprisonment, and their attempt to break free from a painful past they seem never to fully escape.


Amblin Television / Paramount Television / Netflix


Mike Flanagan

Creative Directors

Aaron Becker / Simon Clowes

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg


Troy Miller

CG Lead Artist

Takayuki Sato


Eric Keller

Lighting, Texturing & Animation

Grant Hoki / Zachary Carnes

Additional Design & Animation

Amador Valenzuela

Special Thanks

Trevor Macy / Justin Falvey / Darryl Frank / Brian Sherwin / Anthony Gore / Emily Fenster