Main Title Sequence

Atomic Monster commissioned Filmograph to create an opening sequence for the television adaptation of the titular DC Universe comic book character. Because the people of Marais, Louisiana must endure the supernatural effects of Swamp Thing, we depict the town as submerged in water, a metaphor for its crumbling infrastructure and the inhabitants' struggle to coexist alongside one another.


Atomic Monster / DC Universe


Len Wiseman

Creative Director

Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg


Troy Miller

Lighting, Texturing, Design & Animation

Amador Valenzuela / Takayuki Sato / Grant Hoki / Javier Antonio Garrido Martin / Craig Stouffer / Tom Green / Chad Ashley


Eric Keller / Jonathan Lin

Special Thanks

James Wan / Michael Clear / Rob Hackett / Tom Flores / Gary Dauberman / Mark Verheiden