Main on End Title Sequence

Working with director Michael Chaves, Filmograph had the opportunity to design a main on end title sequence encapsulating the remarkable impact of nuns in mid-20th century Europe, after the second world war. Using a combination of archival footage, mixed media collage, live action, original French photography, and animation, our team crafted a period piece that flickers in and out with each passing frame, evoking the characters' fragile sense of safety while in the presence of the Conjuring franchise's most demonic entity, the Nun.


Atomic Monster / New Line / The Safran Company


Michael Chaves

Creative Director

Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg


Troy Miller


Jessica Ledoux

Design & Animation

Hsien Lun Su / Li Yu Chen / Michael Lo / Joseph Ahn

Special Thanks to the Filmmakers

Tricia Miles / Gregory Plotkin / Ricki Reisner / Darren Hallihan / James Wan / Michael Clear / Judson Scott / Peter Safran