Insidious - The Red Door

Main Title Sequence

Working with Blumhouse and Patrick Wilson on his directorial debut, Filmograph crafted a live action title sequence that bridges the gap between the past ten years of the Lambert Family's harrowing journey into the further and beyond. The opening functions as a prequel portraying young Dalton drawing eerily familiar images in crayon. The artist's hand then ages – and the drawings mature – as college-bound Dalton's charcoal-sketched nightmares are brought to life, one dredged up memory at a time.


Blumhouse / Sony

Live Action & Creative Direction

Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg


Troy Miller

Director of Photography

John de Menil


Jessica Ledoux

Hand Drawn Art & Talent

Joseph Ahn / Mike Lo / Hsien Lun Su / Wren Riddle

Animation & Compositing

John Salazar

Production Coordinator

Samuel Bastien

Special Thanks to the Filmmakers

James Wan / Derek Ambrosi / Michel Aller / Jennifer Trent / Ryan Turek / Couper Samuelson / Mike Manning / Joe Bishara / Steve Trapani