Main on End Title Sequence

Working with Paramount and director Ciaran Foy, Filmograph designed titles that explored the hidden meaning in the main character’s first name, and title of the film. We see numbers, the word “lie”, and other symbolic derivations in a sea of letters that ebb and flow on and offscreen, occasionally defocused, and at other times, written off by raindrops dripping down the window pane-like screen. Eventually, we escape this maze of sorts, to reveal an upside down cross, as we enter the crawl, which plays in reverse, scrolling down from the top of frame.


Netflix / Paramount Players / Intrepid Pictures


Ciaran Foy

Creative Director

Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg


Troy Miller

Design & Animation

Joseph Ahn

Special Thanks

Jason Hellmann / Trevor Macy / Nancy Kirhoffer / David Townsend