Main Title Sequence

Main on End Title Sequence

Working with director Dan Trachtenberg and producers Ben Rosenblatt and Jhane Myers, Filmograph crafted an opening and main on end title sequence for this prequel, a revolutionary reimagining of the Predator franchise. Our team had the honor to work with a team of Native American illustrators who produced hide art in a historically accurate style, which we brought to life in our designed and animated environments.


20th Century Studios / Hulu


Dan Trachtenberg

Creative Director

Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg


Troy Miller

Design & Animation

Mike Lo / Hsien Lun Su

Additional Animation

Joseph Ahn / Ricky Elizondo

Client Team

Ben Rosenblatt / Tami Alfasi / Angela M. Catanzaro / Claudia Castello / Jhane Myers / Kaz Kipp / Stefan Grube

Title Sequence Artists

Brent Learned / Dallin Maybee / Nicole Nahmi-a-piah Hatfield Curtis / Jonathan Thunder / Sheridan Macknight / Sandra Okuma / Nocona Burgess