Clifford - The Big Red Dog

Main Title Sequence

Main on End Title Sequence

Working with producer Jordan Kerner, director Walt Becker, and the whole team at Paramount, we were delighted to create a lush, hand-drawn world of Clifford’s New York City adventures. Taking cues from the plot, but also liberally borrowing from the iconic architecture of Manhattan and beyond, Filmograph was able to firmly anchor our fluffy friend in a whole host of environments, whereby the city becomes a playground for his larger-than-life scale.


Paramount Pictures / Entertainment One / Kerner Entertainment Company / Scholastic Entertainment / New Republic Pictures / Walden Media


Walt Becker

Creative Director

Aaron Becker

Executive Producer

Seth Kleinberg


Troy Miller

Design & Animation

Joseph Ahn / Mike Lo

Special Thanks

Hsien Lun Su / Sabrina Plisco / Abby Callahan